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How to Combine Accommodation and Experiences in Bokun

There has never been an easy way to sell accommodation and experiences combined within Bokun. So, the next best thing is to have a way for customers, agents etc to visually see what they can ‘add to the cart’ from a simple one-page solution. Here is the tutorial!

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What is a Booking Channel

What is a Booking Channel?

The advantages of having different booking channels becomes clearer when you are dealing with multiple channels of transaction sources and they display in your sales feed.

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Bokun Tutorials

If you are a reseller, supplier or tour operator then use our Bokun help tutorials to gain knowledge about using Bokun.

There are no help tutorials for the Bokun Website Builder but we do provide our Bokun Website Theme which is built using Wordpress and Elementor Pro.

Travel companies who need a website off the shelf and ready to go can benefit from a search optimised website built by a specialist in the travel industry.

You can book a Bokun Training over Skype or for SEO.

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